Brief Introduction
Meekom is the most professional manufacturer of Bluetooth adapters in China, including Bluetooth transmitters, Bluetooth receivers, Bluetooth speakers and TWS Bluetooth headsets. Since its establishment in 2008, the factory has been implementing high standards and strict quality policies to provide customers with High quality and high value products.


Our Strategy
A worldwide recognized brand,identified by our unique aluminum design and innovative solutions to enhance the joy and pleasure of the viewing experience.  

Competitive prices
We continue to deliver the most cost effective items with real value for money as expected from a market leader. 

Our sales Team at Globalsources Electronic Fair in HK.

Factory Tour


Research/ Development and Quality control

Thanks to our vast experience,Meekom’s products include unique patented features that improve the viewing experience. We are always up to date, recognizing the future directions of the market & providing the necessary solutions. Many of meekom products carry a lifetime warranty, and all our product lines goes through very strict QC tests to meet the stringent requirements of the American, European and China safety standards . 



We create an inclusive culture where we actively seek out individuals with diverse backgrounds, abilities and interpersonal styles and believe that our diversity strengthens Meekom and enhances the way we conduct business.

Success is built on partnership and collaboration everywhere. We create an environment where every associate is empowered to contribute and is recognized for their effort.



We are passionate about our brands, businesses, products, designs and most importantly the people who make up our communities around the world. 


We treat everyone with the highest degree of respect and strive to live and act each day in an ethical manner.

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