Multifunctionality advances media player accessories segment

2019/03/27     view: 

China makers are enriching their media player accessories by improving external designs and increasing multifunctionality, especially of electronic categories such as earphones, adapters, chargers, speakers, docking stations and cables. Cases and other nonelectronic items are expected to follow trends in the iPod, iPhone and iPad sectors.

Product development efforts in the first accessories line center on the speaker and solar charger segments. In the former, suppliers are launching vibration, wireless and expansile resonator types to compete with major industry names Sony, Logitech, Creative and Philips. The AYV10 model from Shenzhen Alyta Industry Co. Ltd uses vibration sound technology based on magnetostrictive materials and suitable for flat surfaces such as glass, wood floor and metal. Applied mostly in MP3/MP4 and portable media players, these devices are targeted at midrange markets in the US, the EU, South America and the Middle East.

In the solar charger segment, makers are banking on trends for eco-friendly and “green” designs. In addition, the latest releases integrate USB and Mini-USB ports for MP3 players, and Micro-USB and DC outlets for mobile phones. These generally have an output voltage of 5 to 5.5V, and a maximum output current of 300 to 1,000mAh. The WK8550 model from Winkeen Electronics Co. Ltd works with MP3/MP4 players, PDAs and mobile phones. It has an output voltage and current of 5.5V and 450mAh, respectively.

Suppliers export their solar chargers to the EU and the US. Quoted between $8 and $20, these are generally priced higher than traditional types. The two regions are the key destinations of media player accessories from China. Makers forecast exports there will increase by at least 5 percent in the next six to 12 months, particularly for chargers, speakers and cases, together with rising output. Shenzhen Kosun Industrial Co. Ltd ships 90 percent of solar chargers to the midrange and high-end markets in these areas. It is currently exploring potential distribution channels in the Middle East to broaden market reach.

Similarly, MP3 player speaker supplier Star Technology Co. Ltd is optimistic demand from EU and US buyers will continuously rise. It caters mostly to the midlevel segments in these regions and South America, with the first two combined absorbing 70 to 80 percent of output. The enterprise said orders are climbing in Brazil and Argentina, and is therefore confident of a 5 percent jump in projects from South America. Dongguan Raising Rubber Products Co. Ltd manufactures MP3 player cases for the low-end and midrange markets. The company exports all of its output, 90 percent of which goes to the US and the EU. This year, it will concentrate on the upscale segment.

The continuous increase in the cost of labor and raw materials such as copper and plastic is forecast to push up prices. Those for chargers could go up by 5 percent in coming months. Other suppliers expect the appreciation of the yuan to have a greater effect on rates. Quotes for speakers and cases will remain stable or decrease by less than 5 percent due to fierce competition.