Bluetooth handsfree kit suppliers upgrade audio quality features

2019/03/27     view: 

Better audio quality, compatibility: More releases from China employ the latest Bluetooth chipset with DSP core, which enables echo cancellation and noise reduction, thereby ensuring good audio when connected to a mobile phone. Makers are likewise rolling out varieties capable of multiple pairing, with several models able to connect to as many as eight devices at the same time.

Voice recognition technology: With in-vehicle use still leading handsfree kit applications, suppliers are enhancing user convenience while driving by incorporating voice commands. They are using speech recognition or TTS, enabling voice dial, call answer and reject, and caller ID prompts.

Raising product value: Makers are launching models combining portable and in-car handsfree kit features. Such units have two detachable parts, one as Bluetooth headset and the other as an in-car cigarette lighter charger and mount. Some variants support music playback and alert the user if the mobile phone goes missing.

Sales forecast: Most companies project revenue will climb by 10 to 20 percent in the months ahead.